Value Based Care Consulting & Advisory

Expertise in Asia and Europe

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Value Based Care Projects

We offer our Advise and Expertise to realize Value Based Care Initiatives in Europe and Asia. 

Navigate Healthcare Systems in Europe and Asia

- We help you navigate Healthcare Systems in Europe and Asia with advice from locally versed experts. 

- We assess value for money of your product and provide you with a tailored value proposition. 

- We set up pay for performance schemes  to bring your product to action.

Your Outcomes Framework

Are you getting confused with too many measures and increasing bureaucracy that eats up too much of your time? 

- We help you simplify your data collection processes and outcomes metrics. 

- Starting off from the validated ICHOM outcomes measure, we strip out the essence to make outcomes measures work in the local context and focus on your objectives.  

- Our tested Value Based Care approach is in particular designed for Emerging Markets

Negotiation Training - Leave no money on the table

- Maximize the value of a deal and understand your BATNA (best alternative to a negotiated agreement)

- We build a strategic negotiation pathway with creative solutions that resonate with your negotiation partner striving for win-win situations.

- We offer our hands on experience in asymmetric negotiation to train your team for confident and strategic negotiations.

- We lead negotiations on your behalf

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